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About Client

The Chain Hut approached us in February 2018. They had a plan to venture into the UK’s online fashion jewellery market. We went through the holistic eCommerce UX design process, starting with a UX Audit, user research and finishing off with a fully functional and optimised website based on the Magento eCommerce platform.

The optimised website we created for them translated to an increase in organic traffic, revenue and reduction in product development costs.

    "Their advice is impartial and holistic - not favoring one aspect of e-commerce over another, whether it be user experience, UI design, technical, marketing, branding or something else."
    Tony G
    Owner, The Chain Hut

    E-Commerce design approach

    Design Audit

    We created user personas, conducted the interviews, benchmarked the competition, performed heuristic analysis and produced a comprehensive report with our recommendations.

    Information Architecture

    The Chain Hut deals with a vast variety of silver chains. With the client’s help, we could design an information architecture that simplified the navigation, search and discovery of their products.

    User Journey

    Based on the User Personas we created during the audit phase, we mapped the user journeys with Magento’s default workflow. The challenge was to keep the core purchase workflow of the Magento platform intact and optimise the user flows.

    Design Review Iterate

    Starting from paper sketches to Figma wireframes, we went through multiple iterations to produce low fidelity designs. Since the designs were to be integrated on the Magento eCommerce platform, we spent a lot of time studying the default functionalities of Magento. Our designs had to be platform-compatible and developer-friendly.

    Our research indicated an upward trend in mobile users for the online fashion jewellery market. We ensured that our design thinking was mobile-first. We produced separate design versions for desktop, tablets and mobile.


    Soon after the low fidelity wireframes were approved, we shifted our focus on delivering a rich eCommerce UX design via finessing the branding and style guide, which included finalising the fonts, typography, colour scheme and product icons.

    Bringing it home

    All the user journeys reach the final destination when the user resolves to make a purchase. You want to provide a distraction-free, super-convenient purchase experience to ensure minimal drop-offs and the highest order value. What we built for the client continues to get validated through their numbers which we are absolutely proud of!

    Assimilation with Marketing

    Any new brand venturing into the direct-to-consumer market relies on acquiring visitors from non-organic channels such as ads, social media campaigns etc. We ensured that the landing pages and features were designed and developed in accordance with their content strategy and planned marketing campaigns.

    We paid extra attention to navigation, search and discovery of the product to ensure that a casual interest visitor is inspired into developing an intent to make the purchase.

    Final Outcome

    1. A beautiful eCommerce website design that is both platform and developer-friendly.
    2. An optimized Information Architecture and landing pages for an easy flowing user journey on the website.
    3. A styling guide that helps maintain brand consistency.