The 'Why' Behind MDS

Through our brand, we convey our identity and the desired user sentiment associated with our products.

Growing with the community

We firmly believe in giving back to the community that has supported us. Matter is our way of contributing to the design and development community and helping others succeed.

Commitment to quality

By creating this UI kit, we demonstrate our expertise and thought leadership in design and development. It's a testament to our commitment to delivering quality solutions.

Our underlying philosophy

Matter aligns with our brand values of collaboration, innovation, and community support. It reflects who we are as a brand and what we stand for in the design and development world.


Where Design Becomes a Masterpiece


Prioritize the UX and usability of UI components with superlative documentation

This design system will allow you to design intuitive workflows with the help of the extensive library of UI components and documentation.


Fully composable design system that treats slots as first class citizens for bigger components

Design and build larger components with the help of the smaller slots components making the design system fully composable. Design and build larger components with the help of the smaller slots components making the design system fully composable.


Intuitively named design tokens based on a designer’s mental model of taking decisions

Power of Figma design tokens with intuitive nomenclature will help you design complex products with ease and hand-off to your developers effortlessly


Layers named using the industry standard BEM naming convention for markup

Front-end (HTML) code compliant layer structure and use of BEM naming convention ensures all components are ready to export from the first minute of file creation.

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Fully optimised for

Tokens Studio





Fully accessible palette of 13 colors

Variables and Styles

UX driven components

The ultimate design system
repository you need


Our design system offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to adapt and customize elements effortlessly & tailor it to your unique brand identity and design requirements.


Our system was designed with growth in mind. So with scalability at its core, from small to large projects, it adapts as you grow.


Accessibility is paramount in our design system and so we prioritized accessiability, ensuring that your digital products are usable by everyone.


Streamline your workflow and reduce design iterations by accessing a comprehensive library of well-documented components and guidelines.

Matter Design system

Designed for experts and those aspiring to be.

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